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The Solar Water Heater Options That Do More For Your Home With Renewable Energy

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If you want to add renewable energy to your home, there are a lot of options besides conventional solar panel installations. These include solar water heaters, which can be used for your household plumbing. Another benefit of solar water heaters is that they can be used for other systems in your home. The following solar water heater options are some of the solutions that you may want to consider for your home's energy systems.

Simple Collectors for Hot Water

The hot water lines in your home can easily be improved with the addition of solar energy. The simplest type of solar water heater that can be installed in your home is a collector. These are dark-colored circuits of pipes that passively heat water using direct sunlight. They can be integrated into a hot water tank to help reduce the energy needed for your household plumbing.

A Single Solar Thermal Siphon

There are also more efficient solar water heaters that can be installed on your home. These are called thermal siphons. The thermal siphon can be a much better way to provide your home with hot water. The modern thermal siphon designs that are installed on homes today are vacuum-sealed systems. This type of solar water heater design is more productive and provides your home with solar energy. They will even work when there is little sunlight available.

Multiple Solar Thermal Siphons

The solar thermal siphons can also be combined to produce more thermal energy for your home's needs. These systems have their own tanks and can be connected to many of the mechanical systems in your home. The thermal siphons can provide solar energy to water heaters for plumbing, as well as radiant and hydro-air heating systems.

Thermal Storage for Hot Water

Another option that you will want to consider for a solar hot water heater is storage tanks. These can be the tanks of hot water heaters or boilers, as well as additional thermal storage tanks. The addition of thermal storage can improve the design of your solar water heater installation by giving you a way to store the energy these systems produce. Thermal siphons often have their own tanks, but they can also have additional storage installed inside your home.

The installation of solar water heaters can do a lot more than just systems to provide hot water to plumbing systems. Contact a solar water heating installation service to discuss these options for your home's energy needs.